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Golf balls with your company logo are a unique networking tool.

The link between business and golf has been around for decades. The idea of golf balls as business gifts was used early on and it was, and continues to be the perfect gift for goodwill in the business arena.

What's interesting to note is what little impact companies have received for the expense of the purchase. For years companies have imprinted logos on every conceivable golf ball on the market. In so doing they have increased golf ball sales dramatically and inadvertently raised market awareness and brand strength for the major golf ball manufacturers. If anyone has ever given you golf balls, doesn't the brand name of the ball stand out in your mind more than who took the time to get you the gift? Our company premise is that this is due to the packaging hiding the corporate gift giver.

Business use of golf balls takes place with packaged golf balls. The size and impact of the gift has been dictated by what the golf ball manufacturer did in terms of packaging. Done the conventional way, the corporate gift giver gets no recognition at the critical time of handing the gift out. What better time to deliver a message, show off a product or thank your customer? What if you wanted the packaging done in the same colors as the company logo??How about changing the size of the packaging for cost effectiveness or added impact? Since corporate golf balls are used at the packaged level during business, the answer is custom packaging.

Custom packaging of major brand name golf balls at the corporate level has been a seldom discussed option. Golf ball manufacturers have reserved this option for requests above 500 dozen and added long lead times to discourage most orders. Now corporate golf ball users have another choice. GOLFBOX.COM has become the industry leader in Logo Golf Balls by offering true custom packaging for all our customers. Whether it's sleeves for a sales person or tournament, or a dozen box as an executive gift, our logo balls come with whatever custom packaging the customer would want. And all at price that costs about the same or even less than logo golf balls have cost in the past.

Since our inception as CS&B, The Custom Sleeve and Golf Ball Company, we have served Corporate America with the most effective advertising options in corporate logoed golf balls. The start of the millenium marked our change to GOLFBOX.COM. Since then we have continued our leadership in the fastest growing segment of corporate logo golf balls. Look through the links above to learn more about which of our products fit your needs the best.

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