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Since 1996, has been providing businesses in America with premium quality customized logo golf balls in their unique corporate packaging. From tradeshows to tournaments, from corporate gifts to convention giveaways, our customers depend on us to deliver quality products on time. Please check our reviews page to see what our customers say about us and our custom golf balls.

Custom Logo Golf Balls

Many of our customers come to us not knowing what they want. They just know they have been tasked with getting logo golf balls or custom golf balls for an event. Some have a budget per person and know exactly what they want. Here are our product offerings. ALL OF THESE CHOICES HAVE THE LOGO ON THE BALLS!

First of all, we customize high-quality logo golf balls with business logos, and print custom packaging with the same logo and colors. Our goal is to create maximum value for every promotional dollar you spend. In years past, corporate customers have had limited options available for customized packaging of brand name golf balls that also bear custom logos. Now, with the packaging bearing the same logos as the golf balls, there's no confusion about who provided the corporate gift, promotional product, or trade show giveaway, even if the ball is separated from the packaging. We can also include a QR code on the golf ball packaging for use with a smartphone, directing your customer to your website for coupons, directions, and contact information.

As a result, in conclusion, customized logo golf balls and packaging can be used for any business you want to promote or event you want to commemorate, including golf tournaments, sports teams, personalized gifts, fundraising, bachelor parties, and more.

Most of all, golf balls bearing your company logo can serve as unique and highly-effective networking tools. Business and golf has been closely linked with each other for many years. For decades, the practice of giving away golf balls as business gifts was commonplace, and it continues to be an effective means of fostering good relationships in a corporate and business environment to this day.

Companies have imprinted their own logos on a multitude of golf ball brands over the years. In the process, these companies have increased golf ball sales dramatically, raising market awareness and improving brand visibility and recall for major golf ball manufacturers. However, for many recipients, the brand on the ball is even more significant than who gave the gift itself. This presents a dilemma for the corporate gift giver, who would obviously want to be associated with the gift, especially if it is a well-regarded brand of golf ball.

A common problem for corporate gift givers is that their brand is often neglected or downplayed in the process of giving the gift. With standard packaging, only the golf ball bears the logo of the company, with the package totally absent of the company logo, or any identifying mark for that matter. Because the golf balls are typically presented to the recipient while still in the box, the receiver usually won't have any idea who the gift is from. Even if the recipient takes the time to open the box, the golf ball brand will typically command more attention than the logo of the corporate giver.

We provide an elegant solution to that dilemma by offering full custom packaging along with golf ball branding. By providing a comprehensive packaging solution that incorporates a unique package and logo branding on top-shelf golf balls, we present a more unified and more cohesive corporate image that will more effectively imprint a company’s brand in the minds of the receiver. This bridges the disconnect that so often occurs between the customized logo golf ball brand and the corporate brand, making the process of giving away golf balls a more effective marketing and promotional tool.