6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set


This set of 6 custom golf balls comes in a custom printed 1/2 dozen box, with each golf ball bearing your company logo. Options include a foam insert (shown) or custom sleeves (manufacturer sleeves are included with certain balls). A classy and elegant corporate giveaway or gift for your business partners and valued employees, this set conforms to IRS gift guidelines.

Custom logo golf balls make perfect business and employee gifts.

Value Plus

Quantity of Sets1-9697-250251+
XL Performance$10.95$10.25$9.89
Wilson Pure White$10.95$10.25$9.89
Wilson Ultra$14.25$13.50$12.75
Wilson Smartcore$14.45$13.75$12.99
Precept Extreme$14.79$14.20$13.25

Premium Performance

Quantity of Sets1-9697-250251+

The Tour Elite

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Taylormade Distance$15.45$14.50$13.99
Callaway Warbird$15.75$14.75$14.25
 Bridgestone E6  $18.99 $18.75 $17.99
Titleist DT$19.49$19.25$18.49
Titleist Velocity$20.75$19.75$18.75
Titleist New Tour Soft$23.25$22.25$21.25

Pro Level

Quantity of Sets1-9697-250251+
Tommy Armour Professional$19.99$19.75$18.99
Callaway Chrome + $24.00$23.00$22.00
Bridgestone Tour B Series (USA Made)$25.80$24.99$23.99
Callaway Chrome Soft$26.30$25.59$24.65
Taylormade TP5$26.30$25.59$24.65
Titleist Pro V1$29.30$28.49$27.49
Titleist Pro V1X$29.30$28.49$27.49


  • Half Dozen Custom Logo Golf Balls

    Half Dozen Custom Logo Golf Balls

  • Half Dozen Logo Golf Balls

    Half Dozen Logo Golf Balls

  • Half Dozen Corporate Logo Golf Balls

    Half Dozen Corporate Logo Golf Balls

  • Custom Logo Golf Balls Half Dozen

    Custom Logo Golf Balls Half Dozen

  • Logo Golf Balls Half Dozen

    Logo Golf Balls Half Dozen

  • Half Dozen Custom Logo Golf Balls

    Half Dozen Custom Logo Golf Balls

  • Prices INCLUDE Logo Balls & Custom 1/2 dozen Packaging.
  • Four Color Printing on packaging.
  • 1 or 2 color logo on ball. (Call for multicolor or double logo options)
  • Packaging can have multiple logos, web addresses, phone numbers, product photos. Limited only by your imagination.
  • Any size order available. Orders less than 30 setup fees apply.
  • Photographs no extra charge.
  • Orders can have a mix of golf ball brands.

Some of the most effective networking and marketing tools that you could invest in are customized golf balls imprinted with your company logo. Practical, memorable, and always welcome, custom golf balls are the quintessential gifts that keep on giving.

Golf is of course a popular pursuit among those belonging to the corporate set, many of whom are fervent devotees of the precise and deliberate nature of the sport and all its various aspects. Golf balls bearing your own company logo therefore make for the perfect giveaway for clients and business partners, and also for favored employees. For the recipient, a gift of custom golf balls is a sign of esteem and the high regard of the giver.

Custom golf balls also make a lot of sense from a promotional standpoint, making it easier for recipients to remember your brand. Promotional golf balls imprinted with your company logo can be amazingly effective brand management tools, reinforcing your brand among your existing network of clients, customers, and business associates while bringing your company to the attention of new potential contacts as well.

One of the challenges associated with giving away gift golf balls is having your brand stand out in the eyes–and minds–of the recipients. Most customized golf ball sets come in generic packages that do not identify the giver in any way. And when the box is opened, the receiver is more likely to pay attention to the brand of the golf ball rather than the company logo imprinted on the other side.

We at GolfBox provide a simple yet effective solution to this problem by presenting you with a range of golf ball gift packages designed from the inside out according to your color and branding specifications. With our range of custom solutions, your brand and corporate colors are displayed prominently on the outside, which leaves no doubt in the recipients’ minds as to who is responsible for such a well-considered gift. Combined with golf balls bearing your company’s own logo, this makes for a powerfully impressive gift.

If you want to give a gift that will be well-received by those you hold in high regard, a set of golf balls is a good start. If you really want to make a favorable impression however, only our fully personalized custom golf balls will do.