Custom Printed Dozen Golf Ball Set


Our 12 Logo Golf Balls in Custom Outer Box with 4 custom 3-ball sleeves make for the perfect corporate gift or business giveaway! Can you envision your company logo on the golf balls and the outer packaging itself? We can! Give us a call us and let us show you how good we can make you look! For marketing and promotions, our custom printed golf balls could be some of the most effective tools you could invest in.

We're Experts in Logo Golf Balls

Value Plus

Quantity of Dozens1-4950-119120+
XL Performance$22.95$20.95$19.95
Wilson Pure White$22.95$20.95$19.95
Wilson Ultra$27.50$25.99$23.95
Wilson Smartcore$27.75$26.20$24.20
Precept Extreme$28.99$26.99$25.50

Premium Performance

Quantity of Dozens1-4950-119120+

The Tour Elite

Free Shipping

Taylormade Distance$30.99$28.99$27.50
Callaway Warbird$31.99$29.99$28.50
 Bridgestone E6 $38.10$35.10$34.25
Titleist DT$39.60$36.60$35.75
Titleist Velocity$42.95$40.35$39.75
Titleist New Tour Soft$46.95$44.35$41.75

Pro Level

Quantity of Dozens1-4950-119120+
The Professional $42.00$39.00$37.00
Callaway Chrome +$47.75$45.75$42.75
Bridgestone Tour B Series $54.00$52.00$49.95
Callaway Chrome Soft$54.95$52.95$50.95
Taylormade TP5 or TP5X$54.95$52.95$50.95
Titleist Pro V1$58.96$57.20$55.16
Titleist Pro V1X$58.96$57.20$55.16


  • Custom Logo Golf Balls with Custom Boxes

    Custom Logo Golf Balls with Custom Boxes

  • Logo Golf Balls with Custom Boxes

    Logo Golf Balls with Custom Boxes

  • Corporate Logo Golf Balls with Custom Boxes

    Corporate Logo Golf Balls with Custom Boxes

  • Custom Logo Golf Balls with Custom Printed Boxes

    Custom Logo Golf Balls with Custom Printed Boxes

  • Custom Logo Golf Balls

    Custom Logo Golf Balls

  • Corporate Logo Golf Balls

    Corporate Logo Golf Balls

  • Logo Golf Balls

    Logo Golf Balls

  • Logo Golf Balls in Custom Boxes

    Logo Golf Balls in Custom Boxes

  • Prices INCLUDE Logo Balls & Custom Packaging.
  • Four Color Printing on sleeves and dozen lid packaging.
  • 1 or 2 color logo on ball. (Call for multicolor or double logo options)
  • Packaging can have multiple logos, web addresses, phone numbers, product photos. Limited only by your imagination.
  • Any size order available. Orders less than 20 setup fees apply.
  • Photographs no extra charge.
  • Orders can have a mix of golf ball brands.

It is common knowledge that golf is one of the most popular pastimes of the elite corporate set. With a player base consisting of high profile business owners, corporate executives, and upwardly mobile professionals, golf is a sport closely tied in with business and industry. It therefore makes perfect sense to take advantage of this affinity with golf for your own marketing purposes.

This is where golf ball gift sets come in. Golf ball packages are typically reserved for clients, business partners, and favored employees that are held in the highest regard. A gift of quality branded golf balls is a sign of esteem, respect, and the goodwill of the giver toward the recipient. If you want to make a favorable impression with a truly memorable gift, a set of custom golf balls is a good way to go about it.

Of course, your company stands to gain considerable benefits when you give away such gifts. Golf balls imprinted with your company logo can be amazingly powerful and effective marketing and promotions tools. They serve to reinforce your corporate image among those who are already aware of you, and bring you to the attention of potential customers and business contacts that may not be aware of your brand as yet. Given to the right people, custom golf balls can be more effective than any other promotional tool you could invest in.

We provide a range of options in custom printed golf balls, each bearing your company logo, corporate colors, brand design, and any other visual elements you wish. Unlike other gift sets wherein the balls are presented in a generic package with no identifying mark, we reinforce your brand from the outside with a custom-made package that bears your readily recognizable visual designs, whether your company name, logo, or colors. Recipients will therefore know who exactly the gift is coming from, and just how much thought and high regard has gone into it.

If you want to give a gift that makes a memorable impression, check out our line of custom logo golf balls. With our professionally-designed golf ball packages, you can be sure that your gift will be well received.