Custom 8 Golf Ball & Box Set


Our 8 Logo Golf Balls in Custom Dozen Size Outer Box comes with a unique foam insert that displays all eight balls upon opening. This box is the same size as our full dozen box, but with the addition of a custom 8-ball foam insert. This makes an impressive gift with lots of promotional impact. Custom logo golf balls make for the perfect corporate gifts and trade show giveaways.

Custom logo golf balls make memorable corporate gifts and trade show giveaways.

Value Plus

Quantity of Sets1-4950-119120+
My Ball by Wilson (Special Purchase)$14.95$13.95$12.95
Wilson Pure White$16.95$15.95$13.95
Wilson Ultra$17.95$16.95$15.25
Precept Extreme$19.74$18.50$16.95

Premium Performance

Quantity of Sets1-4950-119120+
Strata (Callaway)$21.20$19.99$17.99

Tommy Armour Tour

Free Shipping

Taylormade Distance$21.79$21.50$19.25
Callaway Warbird$22.99$21.99$19.99
Bridgestone E6 (US Made) $25.53$24.53$23.50
Titleist DT$26.53$25.53$24.50
Titleist Velocity$28.95$27.95$26.95
Titleist New Tour Soft$31.45$29.99$28.99

Pro Level

Quantity of Sets1-4950-119120+
Bridgestone Tour B Series (US Made)$33.80$32.75$30.95
Callaway Chrome Soft$34.80$33.75$31.95
TaylorMade Tour Preferred$34.95$33.95$31.95
Titleist Pro V1$42.45$41.45$39.45
Titleist Pro V1X$42.45$41.45$39.45


  • Prices INCLUDE Logo Balls & Custom 8 ball Packaging.
  • Four Color Printing on packaging.
  • 1 or 2 color logo on ball. (Call for multicolor or double logo options)
  • Packaging can have multiple logos, web addresses, phone numbers, product photos. Limited only by your imagination.
  • Any size order available. Orders less than 24 setup fees apply.
  • Photographs no extra charge.
  • Orders can have a mix of golf ball brands.

Golf balls that bear your company's logo are some of the most effective and most memorable networking tools you could invest in. Business and golf has long been associated with each other, and giving away golf balls as gifts to esteemed clients and peers is a long-standing tradition that continues to be practiced to this very day. If you wish to establish good relationships with your corporate clients and business partners, giving away branded golf custom golf balls is a great way of doing so.

Logo golf balls are especially effective when the balls used are of the highest quality, and they are even more cherished when they come from reputable manufacturers. Companies typically opt for high-end and "boutique" golf balls when choosing gifts intended for the most valued corporate clients, and the brand appeal alone can be of significant benefit. However, companies that give away the most sought-after golf balls as gifts often find their own brands lost in the shuffle so to speak, with the brand of the golf ball frequently drawing more attention than the brand of the company giving away the gift.

Making matters worse is the fact that golf ball packaging for purposes corporate gift-giving tend to be of the generic type, with nothing on the exterior to indicate the company who is giving away the gift. Because the gift is typically handed over in a box, the recipient usually has no clue as to who is giving the gift. Opening the package doesn't really solve the dilemma, as the brand of the golf ball itself will likely be noticed more than the company logo that it bears.

We at GolfBox provide an effective solution to this problem with a fully-customized package that bears your company's logo, corporate colors, and any other identifying mark you may wish to display right on the exterior of the package itself. Along with the golf balls that bear your company logo, this provides a more unified approach that will make your gift more memorable to the recipient.