Customized Golf Balls

Great Golf and Spa Resorts for Meetings and Conventions: Bring Your Custom Logo Golf Balls

Custom Logo Golf BallsStudies show that physical and mental well-being directly correlates with job performance. Many companies are adhering to this study by providing a relaxed environment for business meetings. You can easily plan a client meeting in an office surrounded by water and nature rather than four walls. Golf has become more than a leisure sport. It’s a luxurious venue where business gets done, which is why it’s ideal to have custom logo golf balls.

Traveling for business and golf is a great way to open doors by letting prospects or business contacts know you are in the area and up for a game. A custom logo golf ball, hat, or towel can quickly and inexpensively enhance a relationship and boost brand recognition. We’ve done our research and found some of the best golf resorts for meetings.

Best Golf Resorts in the United States

Other Notable Mentions of Amazing Resorts

  • Four Seasons – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
  • American Club – Kohler, Wisconsin
  • Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa – San Antonio, Texas
  • Montage Palmetto Bluffs – Bluffton, South Carolina
  • Omni Mount Washington – Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

More than Golf

Today’s business travelers also want to celebrate their surroundings. To accent this trend, resorts are helping guests learn about local lifestyles and culture, and providing an entertainment. There are also cutting-edge treatments available at the top resorts. For example, The Spa at Encore Las Vegas offers 24-karat gold facials to anyone wanting to revitalize their skin. At more exotic golf resorts, red grapes are used for massage baths and therapeutic healing.  There are also several resorts that offer convenient, in-room spa treatments.

Elevating Experiences

Business meetings deserve to be taken seriously. Golf and spa resorts are not only paying attention to this trend but are also raising the bar for such experiences. Business golf is thriving. Where else can you spend four quality hours with valued customers? There is no other sport that will allow for conversation as well as golf. Having a custom logo golf ball to hand to your new friends is great memorabilia. If you’re going to a business meeting, have your custom logo golf balls ready from Golf Box.


Giving Back to Charity Tournaments

Charity Tournament Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

Charity Tournament Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

At Golf Box, it’s a passion of ours to help others give back. According to Phil Immordino, president of Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA), there are more than 800,000 outings in the United States, of which 90% are charity outings. We want to be a part of those charity tournaments.

Our customized fundraising programs involve one the most popular affluent sports in the world. We combine golf with school or team fundraising activities to maximize the benefits for everyone. Best of all, we have two programs to choose from.

Program 1 – Double Your Money

Our first program, Double Your Money, includes the following:

  • Have your school or team logo put on a golf ball.
  • You get your team picture used for packaging.
  • The package includes 42-piece minimum.
  • We provide all artwork for box design.
  • It also includes free setup and free shipping as well.

Program 2 – Risk-Free Total Profit

When choosing our second program, the Risk-free Total Profit, you can expect the following:

  • All the features of the Double Your Money program are included.
  • Sponsorships from local companies go on the box.
  • You can collect this sponsorship from one or several sponsors.
  • We add sponsor logos to the package, giving them the advertising benefits.
  • You collect enough to pay for the program upfront.
  • All profit from the sale of golf balls goes to your school.
  • We provide free setup and include free shipping as well.

There’s a reason charity golf tournaments are popular. First of all, they easily appeal to players who love the sport and enjoy a day on the green. Second, all the proceeds go to a good cause. Not only are charity golf events extremely important from a business and financial perspective, but they’re also emotionally and professionally rewarding because they’re raising funds for a wide range of causes.

Golf Box Supports Charities

At Golf Box, we love to support charity events. We do this in two special ways. First, we offer free shipping for charity tournaments when you purchase designated golf balls. Second, on those same golf ball, we offer a 10% discount. Not only are you raising funds, but your saving money on the front end as well.

Choosing to order custom golf balls can earn you a sweet discount for your charitable events. Having a great tournament gift is the perfect way to have a memorable tournament, especially when it’s for charity tournaments. Giving the perfect tournament gift is a way to show appreciation and build relationships for your cause and future tournaments.

At Golf Box, we are committed to supporting charitable organizations and providing general operating support and funding flexibility. Call us today at 888-278-6269 to discuss how we can help raise money for your organization or visit us online.

Three Ways to Leverage Corporate Logo Gifts

There are multiple ways to use and leverage your corporate logo gifts in order to stay top of mind without pushing your products or services on others. The following include three ways on how to do so:

1-      Motivate Your Employees – Corporate logo gifts are also great to be used as awards to motivate people and reward their accomplishments especially after they achieve a difficult goal, solve a problem or simply excel and go the extra mile in what they do. Corporate gifts can be used in order to motivate your team beforehand to do an excellent job.

2-      Promote Your Business – As your mindset focuses on identifying every opportunity to increase your visibility and that of your products/services, keep in mind that one of the best times to give corporate logo gifts is on sales calls or during introductory meetings with prospects.

3-      Say Thank You – Sometimes we simply overlook saying the simple words: “Thank you.” Corporate gifts can show gratitude for someone’s business, commitment, extra help, referrals, support and more.

As you work on choosing your corporate logo gifts, you need to be clear on your goal behind such investment. Are you trying to introduce a new product or service? Are you using the corporate gifts only for recognition purposes? Or will they be used as an opportunity to say Thank You?

Also think about the recipients; what will they appreciate about your corporate logo gift? Will they be able to use it daily? Is it going to end up in a forgotten drawer? Stick with safe, neutral yet memorable choices that could also pertain to the recipients’ professionalism and outside hobbies as well.

Corporate Logo Gifts – Leaving Lasting Impressions

You always have to think that you are competing in a very cluttered and busy marketplace. Every decision you make and every message you send out should present an opportunity to leave a long lasting impression on your prospects and clients.  In markets with similar products, you need to figure out a way to stand out; a memorable branded gift can make you and your company more memorable than your competitors while helping you to establish strong positioning in your prospects’ minds.

Think back and try to remember the last time you received a corporate gift or giveaway at a business event. How did it make you feel? Where did you display it? Are you still holding on to it? If you answer yes to the last question, that means you have experienced firsthand how powerful corporate gifts can be.

You need to always plan on presenting first-rate and memorable logo corporate gifts that can help grow your business and expand your reach as you build on your reputation. Corporate gifts are a very remarkable and effective way to soft sell your products and services without being too salesy or pushy.

You do not have to wait for the holidays to give away your logo corporate gifts. Think about which seasons/months/days of the year you can leverage year round. Can you create occasions to increase the number of opportunities for giveaways even on non-holiday events? The goal is to keep your eye open and take notice of unique opportunities to leverage. Send congratulations corporate gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, new jobs, promotions, new accounts, expansions, completions of projects… and more.

Do I Need a Tagline?

Taglines are a very important element of branding and marketing. They should not be ignored and you should put efforts behind them as you do for your logo and branding initiatives. Taglines are:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Communicate consistent message
  • Convey your mission, goal, and vision
  • Creative and unique
  • Memorable and persuasive

Having a tagline allows you communicate an emotional message which will make you stand out as you start coming to mind first. Taglines simply share additional information about your offerings, what makes you different, and how they benefit your customers, as they complete your message.

A tagline that will help you stand out as it communicates the company’s benefits with personality and connects with your target market on an emotional level.

Taglines derive from your mission, vision, products and services. They:

  • Showcase and link your offerings to a need
  • Communicate the benefit of your offerings
  • Highlights your unique selling proposition

The value of taglines build and grow for years and with time working along with your company name and logo to help with your marketing and branding efforts.

Taglines can be included in:

  • Advertisements
  • Business cards
  • Collateral material
  • Digital marketing files
  • Promotional products
  • Trade show giveaways
  • Employee appreciation gifts
  • Corporate gifts

The Best Trade Show Giveaways

ati-4-large2One of the main reasons companies attend trade shows has to do with positioning and reminding the target market of what their offerings.

Trade show giveaways should be unique and memorable but should also be useful and must accomplish the goal of helping the company/services/products stay top of mind at all times. The following are some tips on how to make your trade show giveaway gift memorable and effective:

  • In addition to making it useful, combine your giveaway with a special promotion that encourages a specific call to action.
  • Include your logo, tag line, colors… make it the giveaway that everyone will remember and talk about.
  • From logo pens, to mints, lip balm, hand sanitizers and logo golf balls, your trade show giveaway should help you be noticed by the attendees.
  • An example of a useful trade show giveaway would be a water bottle but keep in mind that such an item is meant for a one-time use only.

The giveaways should help to create and increase traffic to your booth. Make sure you are prepared by having enough when it comes to quantity. You can always contact the trade show company and ask about estimation related to attendees based on history and current registration information.

Plan accordingly and in advance allowing enough time for your promotional items/giveaway to be ready in time for the event.

The Best Golf Clubs for You

One of the most important element to take into consideration as you are looking to purchase your golf clubs is your swing speed. Your golf club need to match your swing ability to make the most out of your game. It is crucial that you put time into finding the right clubs for your game so that you can enjoy your time while still be able to improve on your swings.

Knowing your skill level is an important step as you try to determine which golf clubs to purchase. Are you a beginner player? Intermediate level shooting 80 to 95? Or an advanced golf avid who consistently breaks 80? Depending on your level, you will need different sets of clubs. As a beginner, you will need as much help as possible which really translates into less equipment. You really do not know how to swing yet so you need to look for a set of clubs that match your strength and posture.

At an intermediate level, you can make a choice of any golf club you want. Be sure to test and compare various clubs from different manufactures in order to find what works best for you. Finally, as an advanced player, your choices are endless. You might want to consider a set that mix perimeter weighting with a more traditional blade design.

Some of the elements you may want to look at as you are considering to purchase a new set of golf club include: the shaft flex, the torque and the type of shaft. The shaft flex has an influence of how much force is needed for the shaft to transfer energy to the golf ball during your swing. As for material, the two most common kinds include graphite and steel. If you have a slow swing speed, you may want to go with a graphite shaft in order to increase the distance the ball travels.

Before you complete your purchase, make sure that you test the clubs for feel so that you are convinced that this is what you are looking for. Otherwise, you may want to consider to choose a different manufacturer that offers similar options.

10 Fun Facts About Golf

As you learn more about golf as a sport, and golf balls as distinguished promotional items and trade show give-aways, we wanted to take a moment to share the following fun facts about golf and golf balls:

  1. 100 is the number of golf balls used by the average golfer through a one year period.
  2. Regardless of how long you use the golf balls, it could take up to five years for such ballsGBBlogto lose their elasticity pending that they are in water and have been struck a lot.
  3. 1932 marked the year when there was standardization for the size (1.6810 inches) and the weight (1.620 ounces) of a golf ball.
  4. In the old days, golf balls were made of rubber; but even before then the first golf balls were constructed with leather stuffed with goose feathers.
  5. For those who believe that your golf clubs make the game, think again! The golf balls you use play an important part of how successful your game could turn out to be.
  6. There are three types of golf balls: two-piece, multi-layered and high-performance.
  7. The cover of a golf ball could be made of Surlyn, Balata, or Elastomer.
  8. The number of dimples on a golf ball can range from 400 to 1000.
  9. There are three different compressions for golf ball: 80 (lowest compression), 90 and 100 (tighter and harder core compression).
  10. There are over 5,000 patents granted for golf balls.

Golf Balls – Customized or Used?

value2-300x209As a beginner in golf, you may want to consider investing into used golf balls before you purchase any new or expensive ones until you get to improve your skills. Reality is that you might end up losing most of the golf balls in the woods or lakes. Used golf balls are a good place to start allowing you to learn while not investing a fortune in the long run.

As a business owner and golf fanatic, you may want to consider customized golf balls not only for your game but also as one of the hottest products on the golf market.  Customized golf balls can be used as gifts, corporate promotion items or to simply give your own golf balls a special unique differentiation from other players. Many golf ball brands offer the option of customizing your order of golf balls with a custom graphic printed on the ball including your name and/or company logo and any image or text you wish to add. A customized logo golf ball allows you to distinguish your ball from others’. Of course, with customized golf balls, you should expect to pay an additional fee and possibly wait for a few weeks to receive your order.

Logo golf balls can be purchased online. Many websites provide you with the tools you need to customize your order and build your own design.

Some of the leading brands in today’s market for golf balls include companies such as Callaway, Nike, Srixon, Titleist, Wilson, Precept and Volvik.