5 Tips to Stand out at your Upcoming Trade Show

While your goal should always be to stay top of mind, always work on investing your marketing budget in the right place and consider attending a trade show. One of the most effective marketing initiatives includes having a booth at an industry-related trade show.

Our world is shrinking and your offerings could allow you exposure around the world.  While being one of the most effective methods and venues to grow your business, trade shows allow you to participate in what could be considered a global marketplace where you can introduce, sell and build awareness about your products and services.

Trade show are very costly and that is why you need to make sure that the venue you are participating in is attracting the audience that you are looking for. That being said, keep the following five tips in mind to make your trade show attendance successful and effective:

  • Trade shows are your opportunity to stay informed about what is happening in your industry
  • Trade shows are a great place to network and build strong relationships with your existing supply chain of partners, suppliers, manufacturers, sales representatives and prospects as well
  • Trade shows help you grow your exposure
  • Trade shows offer proof that you are committed to your business and industry
  • Trade shows help you showcase the value of what you offer

Why is Custom Design Important?

Businesses work tirelessly and continuously on improving their presence in the marketplace through custom designs reflected in their marketing collateral and online presence. By standing out, organizations can continuously aim to attract larger section of consumers and grow their share of the market.

Every marketing tool, including promotional products, websites, brochures and business cards, is required to be well designed and property developed in order to stand out. Unfortunately, some business owners try to take the easy route by purchasing pre-designed logos which are definitely cheaper but which also come along with the risk of duplicating somebody else’s branding in addition to threatening the uniqueness of the business and its offerings.

By custom designing your logo and all of your collateral material and online presence, you help attract unique prospects on a regular basis while you escalate the chances of being positioned in the mind of your target market while making your company noticeable and your products/service popular and in high demand.

The following are three reasons why custom design is important:

  • Custom means different which attracts attention
  • Custom also helps create an intuitive experience for your target market and customer
  • Increasing notice-ability will translate into better ROI results

While custom design might cost you more, it is all worth it. Your design should be yours. Your design speaks volume about your brand and your offerings. Your design says a lot about your quality and promise to your customers. So again, it is all worth investing in.

Corporate Logo Gifts – Leaving Lasting Impressions

You always have to think that you are competing in a very cluttered and busy marketplace. Every decision you make and every message you send out should present an opportunity to leave a long lasting impression on your prospects and clients.  In markets with similar products, you need to figure out a way to stand out; a memorable branded gift can make you and your company more memorable than your competitors while helping you to establish strong positioning in your prospects’ minds.

Think back and try to remember the last time you received a corporate gift or giveaway at a business event. How did it make you feel? Where did you display it? Are you still holding on to it? If you answer yes to the last question, that means you have experienced firsthand how powerful corporate gifts can be.

You need to always plan on presenting first-rate and memorable logo corporate gifts that can help grow your business and expand your reach as you build on your reputation. Corporate gifts are a very remarkable and effective way to soft sell your products and services without being too salesy or pushy.

You do not have to wait for the holidays to give away your logo corporate gifts. Think about which seasons/months/days of the year you can leverage year round. Can you create occasions to increase the number of opportunities for giveaways even on non-holiday events? The goal is to keep your eye open and take notice of unique opportunities to leverage. Send congratulations corporate gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, new jobs, promotions, new accounts, expansions, completions of projects… and more.

How are you Promoting Your Charity Event?

Charity events are usually very popular in communities and a great way for non-profit organizations to spread the word about their cause while building momentum and increasing on their support base. These events come in different forms and shapes to include dinner galas, donation events, walks, runs or online campaigns.

When planning an event, you may way to:

  • Keep the purpose of such event in mind
  • Decide on a venue
  • Have an idea on attendance rates
  • Determine how much resources and staff you need for planning purposes
  • Assume how much resources and staff you will need for the day of the event
  • Put together a list of for-profit entities that would be willing to sponsor your event
  • Plan your marketing strategy
  • Develop collateral material and a website page to promote the event
  • Order unique promotional items to use as giveaways and gifts to the attendees
  • Set a fundraising goal
  • What would the day look like? Put an agenda together. Do you need an MC? Do you need Audio/vision? How can you showcase your sponsors?
  • Do you need a special permit?
  • How about the registration process? What kind of fundraising tools can you integrate?

You may also want to consider:

  • Frequent communication, updates and special announcements of developments to the event schedule or added entertainment
  • Fundraising Tips
  • News and articles about your organization
  • Giveaways, gifts and promotional items – remember that those items will leave lasting impressions on your participants. Make sure to choose something unique yet of quality that comes with customized and personalized packaging.
  • Detailed information about the day of the event

Also make sure that you have an action plan for “after-the-event” follow up. How are you going to thank participants? What kind of information do you have to share with them? Have you reached your set goal?

Your Font Says a lot About Your Brand

Do not underestimate the power of choosing the right font for your brand. Sticking to the default option is not the way to go otherwise you will miss out on a great opportunity to make your business stand out in a cluttered marketplace. Your font choice is one of the most obvious elements about your brand. It defines your brand’s personality beyond just the logo to be included in the business name and tagline.

It is crucial to know which typeface would be the most engaging for your target audience because such knowledge could create a huge difference between engaging your customers and losing their attention.

As you select the right font for your brand, you need to decide on the typeface( Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri). You also need to select the font category:

  • Serif fonts
  • Sans Serif fonts
  • Handwriting fonts
  • Script fonts
  • Display fonts

Your font size is also important because it helps you establish hierarchy of your message. The bigger the font, the more attention it will attract. Also your font color has an influence on the level of attention it will attract. Your selection will let your reader know what kind of message you are trying to highlight and to which extent.

How Does Packaging Reflect on Your Brand?

ati-4-large2While your brand defines your identity as a company, it is crucial to keep in mind that it also reflects your mission, vision and unique selling proposition. Packaging of your products and promotional giveaways also has a major influence on your business’ image.

It is important to understand that packaging could leave either a positive or negative impression on your target market. While a negative impression will repel your prospect, a positive effect will leave a lasting impression and help you secure a spot and get positioned in your customers’ minds.

Packaging should be perceived as a priceless way to reflect your company’s brand and image. Your packaging is represented through:

  • Your  business cards
  • Your stationary
  • Your promotional giveaways
  • Your employee rewards
  • Your website
  • Your customer management and support system
  • Your communication

Some questions to think about:

  • Is my packaging reflecting the real image of my brand?
  • What does my package say about my company?
  • Am I being consistent across the board with my marketing and branding messages?
  • Does my branding reflect clarity and professionalism?
  • Is my business capturing the attention we need to sustain and expand on our growth?

Customers and prospects will judge your company based on these elements which speak volumes about your image and either support your growth or weaken your brand. What does your branding and packaging say about your business?

Do I Need a Tagline?

Taglines are a very important element of branding and marketing. They should not be ignored and you should put efforts behind them as you do for your logo and branding initiatives. Taglines are:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Communicate consistent message
  • Convey your mission, goal, and vision
  • Creative and unique
  • Memorable and persuasive

Having a tagline allows you communicate an emotional message which will make you stand out as you start coming to mind first. Taglines simply share additional information about your offerings, what makes you different, and how they benefit your customers, as they complete your message.

A tagline that will help you stand out as it communicates the company’s benefits with personality and connects with your target market on an emotional level.

Taglines derive from your mission, vision, products and services. They:

  • Showcase and link your offerings to a need
  • Communicate the benefit of your offerings
  • Highlights your unique selling proposition

The value of taglines build and grow for years and with time working along with your company name and logo to help with your marketing and branding efforts.

Taglines can be included in:

  • Advertisements
  • Business cards
  • Collateral material
  • Digital marketing files
  • Promotional products
  • Trade show giveaways
  • Employee appreciation gifts
  • Corporate gifts

Making Your Trade Show Presence Effective

bhp-largeAt a trade show, your booth or table is your first opportunity to make an impression and attract the attention of the attendees. Your booth can be noticed from a distance and your setup could plan a major role in encouraging people to take notice and stop, or ignore your table and just walk on.

Your booth display needs to be neat, inviting and organized. Make sure that clutter has no room and it is easy to navigate your space and understand what your offerings are. Your products and services should always constitute the focus of your booth design while being the center of attention. Always make sure that how your present your offerings catches the attention and present an opportunity to start and generate a conversation with your prospects.

Engaging people as they walk by your booth is very crucial. You do not want to forceful in your approach but at the same time you want to make sure that you are offering the attendees enough incentive to get them to stick around. Passing a business card along with a promotional item could be a good place to start. Don’t forget that being nice and welcoming could go a long way leaving a lasting impression on the people you talk to.

Although the hours at a trade show could be long and tiring, it is very crucial that you stand as you welcome the attendees and try to engage them in a conversation. Looking someone in the eye as you approach them and introduce yourself will definitely entice people to take notice and stop.

Why Use Promotional Products?

fox-sports-dozPromotional products have proven to be effective marketing tools to build awareness around your business, spread the word and stay top of mind. From logo golf balls to baseball caps, your choice of item should represent your brand in a memorable way. Your main goal should be geared towards maximizing your efforts, time and investment in order to receive successful results.

  • Be clear on what you want to accomplish with your promotional products. What do you want the baseball cap to say about your business?
  • Have you taken your budget into consideration? In order to avoid overspending, consider planning ahead by being clear on what your cost will be and if it can be accommodated by your marketing budget for the specific period. Do not forget to include costs related to shipping, handling and packaging as well.
  • Think about coop opportunities where you can align yourself with sponsors or vendors who might look at this as a cost-sharing opportunity that will benefit both companies. Coop or joint promotional efforts usually result in stronger relationship while projecting a renewal of commitment between both organizations.

Promotional items, including corporate golf ball sets, key tags, calendars and more are not meant to appeal to audiences that look for freebies. Such promotional products are your opportunity to advertise to new markets while staying on top of your existing customer base. If used in a targeted manner, promotional items could help you achieve amazing results.

The Power of Letters in your Logo

oneballboxLG1Simplicity sometimes makes a larger impact on your target market than complicated designs and colors.  Letter logos for your company might help your brand mark a memorable impact. Look around you and you will notice that several successful, global and local companies, have used one or two lettered logos to represent their business.

Some are doubtful about the power of a letter logo since it is simple but one cannot help but acknowledge the uniqueness of such a logo.

As a business owner, here are a few ways to make sure that your logo is different, memorable and exquisite:

  • Add a special touch to your logo to capture the values of your company and the hidden messages of your unique selling proposition.
  • Keep in mind that letters are the most flexible characters to be creatively molded
  • Don’t forget that a letter logo is timeless

Here is how you can get started:

  • Put together a list of your values as an organization
  • Look at how you can combined your company’s initial
  • Images and designs can help you craft letters and values into a letter logo design that is unqieu and memorable
  • Do not underestimate the power of empty space as well

The colors of your logo also project your values as a company:

  • For a corporate company, your colors should show strong and authoritative
  • For a tech company, think innovation and creativity
  • For the hospitality industry, you may want to consider luxury and comfort
  • For the food industry, usually red and yellow are the most popular especially for Fast Food restaurants because they project energy, laughter and good times.
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