Tips to Stand out at a Trade Show

Regardless of size, as a business, you have many marketing options to consider in order to spread the word about your services and/or products. It is true that your goal should be to stay top of mind, but how you can do so while making sure that you are investing in the right place.

You might be surprised to learn that trade shows have proved to be one of the most effective venues when it comes to marketing. Small or large, your company is participating in what has become a global marketplace. With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, our world has shrunk providing new business opportunities to any and every kind of business.

If you have something to sell, you may want to consider attending a trade show.  Although they can be costly, trade shows offer a venue to help you push your business to success while allowing you to increase your reach to an audience of attendees who are seeking your offerings.

A trade show would allow you the opportunity to stay on top of the latest in your industry as your learn from others (exhibitors, attendees and speakers) what is trending or not in your world; in addition to being able to connect and start conversations with individuals whom you want to do business with, which might lead to possibilities of expanding your business.

A trade show is also a place to network with suppliers, manufacturers, sales representatives and anyone entrenched in your industry. Reality is that people would rather do business with individuals whom they have met… individuals who they trust and know they are credible.

By exhibiting at a trade show, you are not only growing your exposure but you also are projecting commitment to your business and industry while presenting the value of your offerings.

As you are considering specific trade shows, make sure that your focus is mainly on the quality of the show where you will be able to reach decision makers.

Setting up your booth and lining up your promotional items, presentations and handouts are some of the steps you need to put in place as you get ready for a trade show. You may also want to think about reaching out to the trade show’s management seeking assistance with the development of an appealing booth and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, consider spreading the word to your clients, suppliers, and partners months prior to the trade show.

Some Golf News and Updates

There is a lot happening in the world of Golf on a daily and weekly basis. The following is a list of some updates and news from different sources:

  • Richest Golfers in the Word – published a recent report featuring the top 5 richest golfers in the world only to find out that “The U.S. claims three spots among the top five richest active PGA golfers, based on prize money, endorsement deals, corporate outings and licensing fees.” Click HERE to read more.
  • PGA Tour Confidential – In an article published by, we learned that “Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Adam Scott have made 2013 one of the most competitive Player of the Year races in recent memory.” Click HERE to read more.
  • Custom-Made Golf Shoes – published a recent article on “Keegan Bradley [who] continued to sport his one-of-a-kind [custom-made Jordan] golf shoes at the Honda Classic this week.” Click HERE to read more.
  • PGA Merchandise Show – Also attended the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show Demo day at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando publishing comprehensive coverage for two days. Click HERE to read more.
  • No Honda Classic for Tiger Woods – shared the disappointing news of “Tiger Woods [withdrawing] from the Honda Classic on Sunday citing back issues, the same ones that bothered him toward the end of 2013.” Click HERE to read more.
  • World Cup and Golf – ABC News spread the word about “The U.S. home jersey for the World Cup [resembling] a golf shirt. The U.S. Soccer Federation released the Nike design Monday and it has a white polo collar. The collar and the sleeves have red trim, and the shorts and socks also are white.” Click HERE to read more.

9 Fun and Interesting Facts About Golf

We all know what golf is about, don’t we? Being a game played on large open-air courses, golf offers a fun focused experience where a small ball is struck with a club with the objective to use the fewest possible stokes in order to complete the course and go through a series of small holes in the ground.

Here are some fun and interesting facts that you probably did not know about golf:

  1. Golf is a professionally played sport with the lowest score wins (time-based racing games follow the same rule as well.)
  2. Hot weather is your friend when you play golf. The rubber of the ball develops more resilience with the warm weather which generates more elasticity to the ball allowing it to leave the club with more force.
  3. You could burn an average of 385 calories when you play golf if you carry your clubs during an hour of play while covering almost 2.5 miles in distance on a nine-hole course.
  4. Can you think of a sport played on the moon? On 02/06/1971, Alan Shepard enjoyed swinging at and hitting two golf balls while on the moon.
  5. Have you ever counted the dimples on your golf balls? If you do, you will be surprised to learn that golf balls might have anywhere from 300 to 500 dimples depending on the manufacturer.
  6. The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are 1 in 67 million.
  7. The world’s longest golf course is the international golf club which located in Massachusetts (7600 meters.)
  8. The first golf balls used in the 16th century are believed to have been made out of wood.
  9. Golf is not a gentleman’s only sports… almost 25% of golfers are women.

Why is Your Logo Important?

As a business, your logo is the first impression that communicates who you are and how you are perceived and identified. But does your logo need to be complicated?

Simple usually works best. Plus your logo needs to survive trends and still be effective and current. With or without letters, with or without graphical images, the key is to put together a logo that:

  • Conveys the idea of your business
  • Reflects the essence of your products/services
  • Is easy to modify over time without having to reinvent your image and push your brand through new positioning efforts
  • Is memorable and effective
  • Contains graphics without becoming an overkill
  • Is not generic and does give the right impression.

Your logo is the one element that should encompass your message, image, voice, brand… all in one! Your logo provides clues about your company’s personality and character. If your logo is done the right way, it will communicate your point of differentiation and help you stand out while positioning your company in the consumers’ mind.

Through colors, font, and images, your logo projects essential information about your business which would allow your target market to identify with your company’s core brand. A good logo should be unique and comprehensible while giving a sense of meaning about your business.

Your logo will appear on stationary, website, business cards, advertisements, social media presence, blog, building, and more. A well-designed logo could easily contribute to your success while taking into consideration that it creates the basics for a large array of elements used to create your company’s identity including: fonts, colors, and design guidelines.

Once customers get to know, like and trust your business, their positive response to your logo will become intuitive which will lead to increased sales and growth in your industry.

Pay attention to your logo… Think simple… Think effective!

13 Tips to Closing Deals on the Golf Course

glg-242x300As a follow up to our latest blog titled “Golf and Business Acumen” we wanted to touch on how to expedite closing deals on the golf course.  Remember, your time with a client, prospect or partner playing a golf game, can tell a lot about you, your behavior and how you can or cannot handle pressure. The following are 13 tips on how to increase your chances to close business deals as you are having an enjoyable time on the golf course:

  1. Think building relationships not selling
  2. Always have business cards on you to exchange before the game ends
  3. Avoid cheating so you don’t create an environment of non-trust
  4. Arrive on time – Don’t make your guests wait
  5. Focus on building trust (avoid being too competitive)
  6. Know the etiquette of the game (even if you are not really a golfer)
  7. Focus on enjoying your time instead of getting angry over not being able to play like a professional
  8. Compliment others on their good shots; encourage others if they fail… Be on your best behavior
  9. Share your company’s logo golf balls before teeing off
  10. If familiar with the golf course, remember to share pointers on areas to avoid
  11. Make sure to plan your time to include time for lunch or dinner which offers a better opportunity to participate in a more engaging conversation related to business.
  12. The way you treat others reflects on you and goes a long way
  13. Your focus should be on offering your guests a fun time

Golf and Business Acumen

While there are many sports to choose from, golf has been deemed to be the activity to select to build and grow your business network. Many think that golf is a great way for creating long and lasting relationships for business.

While you may not be the professional at playing golf, you, as a business person, can use your experience and mental focus to play a great game. This sport takes and needs time to play. There is plenty of time between holes to elaborate on a conversation as you get to know the other person.

Being on a golf course means taking at least half a day off from work to enjoy your time. As you get ready to start a new business connection or try to turn a prospect into a client, you may want to avoid a hard sell approach. Consider finding a common ground with your business contact as you play a round of golf. Doing so will give you both the opportunity to get to know each other in an informal, non-obligatory, setting, which would help build trust: one of the necessary elements needed for a long-lasting business relationship.

Golf works for all ages and abilities allowing people of widely different experiences to play together while giving you the opportunity to create an enjoyable environment for prospects, partners, clients and/or colleagues.

It is worth to emphasize though that golf supports a focus on tactics, techniques and focus while increasing the ability to remain calm and think strategically… all are factors that would help you get ahead in business.

It is time to hit some balls… Are you ready?

Golf Balls and Lasting Impressions

In a cluttered and busy marketplace, businesses are always looking for smart solutions to help them stand out amongst the clutter.  So how can you expand on your brand visually and stay on top of your customers’ mind?

1-ball-300x131Promotional products, such as logo-customized golf balls, are an excellent way to stay top of mind while leaving a lasting impression. Usually, such products are among the least expensive ways to advertising. That being said, keep in mind that selecting the right promotional product to represent your brand is very crucial. Your selection should be aligned with your overall messages and brand values while being audience-appropriate. Consider the use of simple ways to expand your brand visually while avoiding the temptation to only think about your brand as in the term of a logo. Your brand has a big value and it is much bigger than you think. It defines your business and products. It is the blueprint for everything at the core of what you do and what you offer. It is your unique fingerprint!

Regardless of your industry, think of ways to grow your brand and nurture it. Think if and how you are delivering the experience to your clients that your brand says it does.

We all have collected, at some point, items that attract our attention for a short period of time before we finally decide to get rid of them. As a business, make sure that you understand the wants and needs of your consumer base in order to be able to select promotional products that successfully engage your desired audience.

The golf ball manufacturers represent a great example of companies that have excelled for years in raising market awareness and strengthening their brand by imprinting their logos on every conceivable golf ball on the market while increasing sales drastically. Think about it: ff anyone has ever given you golf balls, doesn’t the brand name of the ball stand out in your mind? So why not consider logo-customized golf balls as giveaways to leave long-lasting impressions on your customer base?