, Inc. Receives 2013 California Excellence Award , Inc. has been selected for the 2013 California Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI). Each year the USTCI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Small businesses of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that California is renowned for. , Inc. has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by USTCI marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow. As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the business climate of California.


The USTCI is a leading authority on researching, evaluating and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that meet its stringent standards of excellence. It has spearheaded the idea of independent enterprise and entrepreneurial growth allowing businesses of all sizes to be recognized locally and encouraged globally.

Particular emphasis is given to meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks for customer service, product quality and ethical practices. Industry leading standards and practices have been developed and implementation of the same has been pioneered by the dedicated efforts of the business community and commerce leadership.

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Marketing Your Way to Successful Results

As you work on successfully expanding your business, your focus should be geared towards developing strategies to attract new customers, but most importantly to retain the largest number of existing happy customers. Through your marketing strategy, you always need to make sure that you are emphasizing your approach to showcase how you value customers. As you work towards marketing your way to successful results, keep the following in mind:

  • Always understand the needs of your customers and work towards meeting them.
  • Take your competition into consideration while analyzing their unique selling proposition and how you can differentiate yourself to stand out.
  • Be focused in your approach. You cannot be everything for everyone.
  • Identify how you can satisfy and meet your customers’ needs by pinpointing your market mix.

One of the most important elements that tend to get ignored when developing a marketing strategy is market research.  Markets, economy and population continuously change.  By conducting continuous market research, you will be able to develop a clear understanding of how your industry sales and profitability are being affected. Furthermore, through market research, you will be able to stay on top of your competitors’ strategy.

Another important factor that plays a major role in your marketing strategy is the platform you choose to spread the word. Through a well-developed marketing strategy, you can, not only identify clearly who your customers are, but you can learn about different venues to reach them effectively and consistently. Television, radio, newspaper, promotional products, social media, billboards, and more… offer great opportunities for you to showcase your business and stay top of mind.

  • With television, you need a large budget to develop and run your advertisement.
  • With radio, you can target your campaign through different channels in order to see more effective results.
  • With newspapers, you need to plan ahead and consider seasonality which plays a major factor in purchase decisions.
  • With promotional products, you can leverage them as giveaways at trade shows and use them as an opportunity to thank your current clients for their repeat business.
  • With social media, you can create conversations and build stronger relationship.

Marketing strategies should be maintained on a continuous basis as you assess your return on all the different initiatives that you have developed. Expanding and launching a new product offer another opportunity for you to revisit your marketing approach. Regardless of your initiatives, tracking constitutes a very important step in order to identify the outcomes of your campaigns and strategies.

At the end of the day, your efforts in developing a market strategy is your investment towards increasing successful outcomes.

10 Fun Facts About Golf

As you learn more about golf as a sport, and golf balls as distinguished promotional items and trade show give-aways, we wanted to take a moment to share the following fun facts about golf and golf balls:

  1. 100 is the number of golf balls used by the average golfer through a one year period.
  2. Regardless of how long you use the golf balls, it could take up to five years for such ballsGBBlogto lose their elasticity pending that they are in water and have been struck a lot.
  3. 1932 marked the year when there was standardization for the size (1.6810 inches) and the weight (1.620 ounces) of a golf ball.
  4. In the old days, golf balls were made of rubber; but even before then the first golf balls were constructed with leather stuffed with goose feathers.
  5. For those who believe that your golf clubs make the game, think again! The golf balls you use play an important part of how successful your game could turn out to be.
  6. There are three types of golf balls: two-piece, multi-layered and high-performance.
  7. The cover of a golf ball could be made of Surlyn, Balata, or Elastomer.
  8. The number of dimples on a golf ball can range from 400 to 1000.
  9. There are three different compressions for golf ball: 80 (lowest compression), 90 and 100 (tighter and harder core compression).
  10. There are over 5,000 patents granted for golf balls.

Golf Balls – Customized or Used?

value2-300x209As a beginner in golf, you may want to consider investing into used golf balls before you purchase any new or expensive ones until you get to improve your skills. Reality is that you might end up losing most of the golf balls in the woods or lakes. Used golf balls are a good place to start allowing you to learn while not investing a fortune in the long run.

As a business owner and golf fanatic, you may want to consider customized golf balls not only for your game but also as one of the hottest products on the golf market.  Customized golf balls can be used as gifts, corporate promotion items or to simply give your own golf balls a special unique differentiation from other players. Many golf ball brands offer the option of customizing your order of golf balls with a custom graphic printed on the ball including your name and/or company logo and any image or text you wish to add. A customized logo golf ball allows you to distinguish your ball from others’. Of course, with customized golf balls, you should expect to pay an additional fee and possibly wait for a few weeks to receive your order.

Logo golf balls can be purchased online. Many websites provide you with the tools you need to customize your order and build your own design.

Some of the leading brands in today’s market for golf balls include companies such as Callaway, Nike, Srixon, Titleist, Wilson, Precept and Volvik.

A Snapshot on Golf Balls’ History

GB-300x182The history of golf balls is back dated to 1550 where some claim that a John Daly used a wooden ball. That being said, the story goes that 1618 marks the introduction for the first goose feather golf balls wrapped in horse hide.

Today, companies use different types of materials to produce golf balls.  All balls are designed with dimple patterns on the cover which can control many different aspects of your shot including distance, spin control and trajectory. Please see our previous blog titled Your Guide to Purchase Golf Balls to learn more.

The manufacturing process of golf balls include testing requirements provided by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Each ball is checked for measurement and weight and examined in different areas including spherical symmetry, initial velocity and overall distance. If for some reason, the balls fails to meet all aspects of the USGA test, it will be labeled as inadequate and will not proceed with the manufacturing process.

Learning and understanding the concepts of the golf game need commitment in time and efforts. It is crucial that you understand the detail of the game if you are planning to become an expert at golfing. The place to start is the numbers and colors of golf balls.  The number of digits on the golf ball has different meaning:

  • Single-digit is mainly used for identification purposes.
  • Two-digit usually indicates the ball compression rating which relates to the feel of the ball.
  • Three-digit represents the number of dimples on the  ball.

As you develop your approach as a golfer, it is important that you understand what the numbers on the golf balls mean so that you select the best golf ball that suits your style.

Your Guide to Purchase Golf Balls

Regardless if you are novice at playing golf or if you have been playing for a long time, it is well known that the golf balls you purchase make a difference in your experience on the golf course. The following are some guidelines on what to look for when purchasing Golf Balls:

  • There are different kinds of golf balls, more specifically three types. Each type is designed to respond differently when struck. Are you looking to achieve distance? Are you looking for excessive spin? Or higher trajectory? Choosing the right type has a great impact on your game.
  • The Two-Piece Golf Ball, or traditional, is a good consideration for beginners in golf. It is usually very durable allowing you the most distance but not much spin. If you are looking to improve your control and distance through practice, this two-piece golf ball offers a good option. These balls are usually the least expensive.
  • The Three-Piece Ball, also known as professional balls, allows increase in distance and better spin with good control. These balls are more expensive to the two piece golf balls.
  • The Four-Piece Ball comes with an extra layer that allows the ball to fly straighter with less spin. These balls are usually the most expensive.

As a golfer, it is very crucial for you to decide which ball you need. Start by doing your research and evaluating your game. From the list above, you should be able to find a specific golf balls that meets your need regardless if you are looking to improve control or you are seeking increasing distance. Some of golf shops offer a variety when it comes to color as well responding to the needs of people with vision difficulties.

You can find many sources of information to understand the differences and features of the different golf balls. A quick visit to a golf shop and a short conversation with the staff should provide you with additional guidance. The other option would be to browse the Internet for online white papers and publication that address specific questions and can help you make a decision.

Tips to Stand out at a Trade Show

Regardless of size, as a business, you have many marketing options to consider in order to spread the word about your services and/or products. It is true that your goal should be to stay top of mind, but how you can do so while making sure that you are investing in the right place.

You might be surprised to learn that trade shows have proved to be one of the most effective venues when it comes to marketing. Small or large, your company is participating in what has become a global marketplace. With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, our world has shrunk providing new business opportunities to any and every kind of business.

If you have something to sell, you may want to consider attending a trade show.  Although they can be costly, trade shows offer a venue to help you push your business to success while allowing you to increase your reach to an audience of attendees who are seeking your offerings.

A trade show would allow you the opportunity to stay on top of the latest in your industry as your learn from others (exhibitors, attendees and speakers) what is trending or not in your world; in addition to being able to connect and start conversations with individuals whom you want to do business with, which might lead to possibilities of expanding your business.

A trade show is also a place to network with suppliers, manufacturers, sales representatives and anyone entrenched in your industry. Reality is that people would rather do business with individuals whom they have met… individuals who they trust and know they are credible.

By exhibiting at a trade show, you are not only growing your exposure but you also are projecting commitment to your business and industry while presenting the value of your offerings.

As you are considering specific trade shows, make sure that your focus is mainly on the quality of the show where you will be able to reach decision makers.

Setting up your booth and lining up your promotional items, presentations and handouts are some of the steps you need to put in place as you get ready for a trade show. You may also want to think about reaching out to the trade show’s management seeking assistance with the development of an appealing booth and marketing campaigns. Furthermore, consider spreading the word to your clients, suppliers, and partners months prior to the trade show.

Some Golf News and Updates

There is a lot happening in the world of Golf on a daily and weekly basis. The following is a list of some updates and news from different sources:

  • Richest Golfers in the Word – published a recent report featuring the top 5 richest golfers in the world only to find out that “The U.S. claims three spots among the top five richest active PGA golfers, based on prize money, endorsement deals, corporate outings and licensing fees.” Click HERE to read more.
  • PGA Tour Confidential – In an article published by, we learned that “Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Adam Scott have made 2013 one of the most competitive Player of the Year races in recent memory.” Click HERE to read more.
  • Custom-Made Golf Shoes – published a recent article on “Keegan Bradley [who] continued to sport his one-of-a-kind [custom-made Jordan] golf shoes at the Honda Classic this week.” Click HERE to read more.
  • PGA Merchandise Show – Also attended the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show Demo day at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando publishing comprehensive coverage for two days. Click HERE to read more.
  • No Honda Classic for Tiger Woods – shared the disappointing news of “Tiger Woods [withdrawing] from the Honda Classic on Sunday citing back issues, the same ones that bothered him toward the end of 2013.” Click HERE to read more.
  • World Cup and Golf – ABC News spread the word about “The U.S. home jersey for the World Cup [resembling] a golf shirt. The U.S. Soccer Federation released the Nike design Monday and it has a white polo collar. The collar and the sleeves have red trim, and the shorts and socks also are white.” Click HERE to read more.

9 Fun and Interesting Facts About Golf

We all know what golf is about, don’t we? Being a game played on large open-air courses, golf offers a fun focused experience where a small ball is struck with a club with the objective to use the fewest possible stokes in order to complete the course and go through a series of small holes in the ground.

Here are some fun and interesting facts that you probably did not know about golf:

  1. Golf is a professionally played sport with the lowest score wins (time-based racing games follow the same rule as well.)
  2. Hot weather is your friend when you play golf. The rubber of the ball develops more resilience with the warm weather which generates more elasticity to the ball allowing it to leave the club with more force.
  3. You could burn an average of 385 calories when you play golf if you carry your clubs during an hour of play while covering almost 2.5 miles in distance on a nine-hole course.
  4. Can you think of a sport played on the moon? On 02/06/1971, Alan Shepard enjoyed swinging at and hitting two golf balls while on the moon.
  5. Have you ever counted the dimples on your golf balls? If you do, you will be surprised to learn that golf balls might have anywhere from 300 to 500 dimples depending on the manufacturer.
  6. The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are 1 in 67 million.
  7. The world’s longest golf course is the international golf club which located in Massachusetts (7600 meters.)
  8. The first golf balls used in the 16th century are believed to have been made out of wood.
  9. Golf is not a gentleman’s only sports… almost 25% of golfers are women.

Why is Your Logo Important?

As a business, your logo is the first impression that communicates who you are and how you are perceived and identified. But does your logo need to be complicated?

Simple usually works best. Plus your logo needs to survive trends and still be effective and current. With or without letters, with or without graphical images, the key is to put together a logo that:

  • Conveys the idea of your business
  • Reflects the essence of your products/services
  • Is easy to modify over time without having to reinvent your image and push your brand through new positioning efforts
  • Is memorable and effective
  • Contains graphics without becoming an overkill
  • Is not generic and does give the right impression.

Your logo is the one element that should encompass your message, image, voice, brand… all in one! Your logo provides clues about your company’s personality and character. If your logo is done the right way, it will communicate your point of differentiation and help you stand out while positioning your company in the consumers’ mind.

Through colors, font, and images, your logo projects essential information about your business which would allow your target market to identify with your company’s core brand. A good logo should be unique and comprehensible while giving a sense of meaning about your business.

Your logo will appear on stationary, website, business cards, advertisements, social media presence, blog, building, and more. A well-designed logo could easily contribute to your success while taking into consideration that it creates the basics for a large array of elements used to create your company’s identity including: fonts, colors, and design guidelines.

Once customers get to know, like and trust your business, their positive response to your logo will become intuitive which will lead to increased sales and growth in your industry.

Pay attention to your logo… Think simple… Think effective!