Giving Back to Charity Tournaments

Charity Tournament Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

Charity Tournament Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

At Golf Box, it’s a passion of ours to help others give back. According to Phil Immordino, president of Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA), there are more than 800,000 outings in the United States, of which 90% are charity outings. We want to be a part of those charity tournaments.

Our customized fundraising programs involve one the most popular affluent sports in the world. We combine golf with school or team fundraising activities to maximize the benefits for everyone. Best of all, we have two programs to choose from.

Program 1 – Double Your Money

Our first program, Double Your Money, includes the following:

  • Have your school or team logo put on a golf ball.
  • You get your team picture used for packaging.
  • The package includes 42-piece minimum.
  • We provide all artwork for box design.
  • It also includes free setup and free shipping as well.

Program 2 – Risk-Free Total Profit

When choosing our second program, the Risk-free Total Profit, you can expect the following:

  • All the features of the Double Your Money program are included.
  • Sponsorships from local companies go on the box.
  • You can collect this sponsorship from one or several sponsors.
  • We add sponsor logos to the package, giving them the advertising benefits.
  • You collect enough to pay for the program upfront.
  • All profit from the sale of golf balls goes to your school.
  • We provide free setup and include free shipping as well.

There’s a reason charity golf tournaments are popular. First of all, they easily appeal to players who love the sport and enjoy a day on the green. Second, all the proceeds go to a good cause. Not only are charity golf events extremely important from a business and financial perspective, but they’re also emotionally and professionally rewarding because they’re raising funds for a wide range of causes.

Golf Box Supports Charities

At Golf Box, we love to support charity events. We do this in two special ways. First, we offer free shipping for charity tournaments when you purchase designated golf balls. Second, on those same golf ball, we offer a 10% discount. Not only are you raising funds, but your saving money on the front end as well.

Choosing to order custom golf balls can earn you a sweet discount for your charitable events. Having a great tournament gift is the perfect way to have a memorable tournament, especially when it’s for charity tournaments. Giving the perfect tournament gift is a way to show appreciation and build relationships for your cause and future tournaments.

At Golf Box, we are committed to supporting charitable organizations and providing general operating support and funding flexibility. Call us today at 888-278-6269 to discuss how we can help raise money for your organization or visit us online.

5 Tips to Stand out at your Upcoming Trade Show

While your goal should always be to stay top of mind, always work on investing your marketing budget in the right place and consider attending a trade show. One of the most effective marketing initiatives includes having a booth at an industry-related trade show.

Our world is shrinking and your offerings could allow you exposure around the world.  While being one of the most effective methods and venues to grow your business, trade shows allow you to participate in what could be considered a global marketplace where you can introduce, sell and build awareness about your products and services.

Trade show are very costly and that is why you need to make sure that the venue you are participating in is attracting the audience that you are looking for. That being said, keep the following five tips in mind to make your trade show attendance successful and effective:

  • Trade shows are your opportunity to stay informed about what is happening in your industry
  • Trade shows are a great place to network and build strong relationships with your existing supply chain of partners, suppliers, manufacturers, sales representatives and prospects as well
  • Trade shows help you grow your exposure
  • Trade shows offer proof that you are committed to your business and industry
  • Trade shows help you showcase the value of what you offer

Why is Custom Design Important?

Businesses work tirelessly and continuously on improving their presence in the marketplace through custom designs reflected in their marketing collateral and online presence. By standing out, organizations can continuously aim to attract larger section of consumers and grow their share of the market.

Every marketing tool, including promotional products, websites, brochures and business cards, is required to be well designed and property developed in order to stand out. Unfortunately, some business owners try to take the easy route by purchasing pre-designed logos which are definitely cheaper but which also come along with the risk of duplicating somebody else’s branding in addition to threatening the uniqueness of the business and its offerings.

By custom designing your logo and all of your collateral material and online presence, you help attract unique prospects on a regular basis while you escalate the chances of being positioned in the mind of your target market while making your company noticeable and your products/service popular and in high demand.

The following are three reasons why custom design is important:

  • Custom means different which attracts attention
  • Custom also helps create an intuitive experience for your target market and customer
  • Increasing notice-ability will translate into better ROI results

While custom design might cost you more, it is all worth it. Your design should be yours. Your design speaks volume about your brand and your offerings. Your design says a lot about your quality and promise to your customers. So again, it is all worth investing in.

Three Ways to Leverage Corporate Logo Gifts

There are multiple ways to use and leverage your corporate logo gifts in order to stay top of mind without pushing your products or services on others. The following include three ways on how to do so:

1-      Motivate Your Employees – Corporate logo gifts are also great to be used as awards to motivate people and reward their accomplishments especially after they achieve a difficult goal, solve a problem or simply excel and go the extra mile in what they do. Corporate gifts can be used in order to motivate your team beforehand to do an excellent job.

2-      Promote Your Business – As your mindset focuses on identifying every opportunity to increase your visibility and that of your products/services, keep in mind that one of the best times to give corporate logo gifts is on sales calls or during introductory meetings with prospects.

3-      Say Thank You – Sometimes we simply overlook saying the simple words: “Thank you.” Corporate gifts can show gratitude for someone’s business, commitment, extra help, referrals, support and more.

As you work on choosing your corporate logo gifts, you need to be clear on your goal behind such investment. Are you trying to introduce a new product or service? Are you using the corporate gifts only for recognition purposes? Or will they be used as an opportunity to say Thank You?

Also think about the recipients; what will they appreciate about your corporate logo gift? Will they be able to use it daily? Is it going to end up in a forgotten drawer? Stick with safe, neutral yet memorable choices that could also pertain to the recipients’ professionalism and outside hobbies as well.

Corporate Logo Gifts – Leaving Lasting Impressions

You always have to think that you are competing in a very cluttered and busy marketplace. Every decision you make and every message you send out should present an opportunity to leave a long lasting impression on your prospects and clients.  In markets with similar products, you need to figure out a way to stand out; a memorable branded gift can make you and your company more memorable than your competitors while helping you to establish strong positioning in your prospects’ minds.

Think back and try to remember the last time you received a corporate gift or giveaway at a business event. How did it make you feel? Where did you display it? Are you still holding on to it? If you answer yes to the last question, that means you have experienced firsthand how powerful corporate gifts can be.

You need to always plan on presenting first-rate and memorable logo corporate gifts that can help grow your business and expand your reach as you build on your reputation. Corporate gifts are a very remarkable and effective way to soft sell your products and services without being too salesy or pushy.

You do not have to wait for the holidays to give away your logo corporate gifts. Think about which seasons/months/days of the year you can leverage year round. Can you create occasions to increase the number of opportunities for giveaways even on non-holiday events? The goal is to keep your eye open and take notice of unique opportunities to leverage. Send congratulations corporate gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, new jobs, promotions, new accounts, expansions, completions of projects… and more.

How are you Promoting Your Charity Event?

Charity events are usually very popular in communities and a great way for non-profit organizations to spread the word about their cause while building momentum and increasing on their support base. These events come in different forms and shapes to include dinner galas, donation events, walks, runs or online campaigns.

When planning an event, you may way to:

  • Keep the purpose of such event in mind
  • Decide on a venue
  • Have an idea on attendance rates
  • Determine how much resources and staff you need for planning purposes
  • Assume how much resources and staff you will need for the day of the event
  • Put together a list of for-profit entities that would be willing to sponsor your event
  • Plan your marketing strategy
  • Develop collateral material and a website page to promote the event
  • Order unique promotional items to use as giveaways and gifts to the attendees
  • Set a fundraising goal
  • What would the day look like? Put an agenda together. Do you need an MC? Do you need Audio/vision? How can you showcase your sponsors?
  • Do you need a special permit?
  • How about the registration process? What kind of fundraising tools can you integrate?

You may also want to consider:

  • Frequent communication, updates and special announcements of developments to the event schedule or added entertainment
  • Fundraising Tips
  • News and articles about your organization
  • Giveaways, gifts and promotional items – remember that those items will leave lasting impressions on your participants. Make sure to choose something unique yet of quality that comes with customized and personalized packaging.
  • Detailed information about the day of the event

Also make sure that you have an action plan for “after-the-event” follow up. How are you going to thank participants? What kind of information do you have to share with them? Have you reached your set goal?

Your Golf Outing

Golf might not be your perfect idea for a business meeting but your boss or business partner invites you to play at his exclusive country club. What would you do?

It is very common for golf to be a setting for conducting business. As you plan for your business golf outing, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Dress appropriately – Most clubs have a dress code that requires a golf shirt with a collar. Wear a leather stylish belt. Consider bright and colorful cloths but also think about pairing one bright color with neutrals. And while shorts are acceptable, they must be designed for golf. Stay away from denim apparel. No running shoes or sandals are allowed. Invest in a proper pair of golf shoes.
  • Be on time, be prepared and ready to play when it is your turn
  • Familiarize yourself with the order pf play.
  • Follow the laws of safety:
  1. Make sure no one gets hit by a ball
  2. Wait until players ahead of you are out of range
  3. Notify other players if your shot has potential of hitting them
  • Learn more about green etiquette
  • Play fairly and keep an accurate score.

Your Font Says a lot About Your Brand

Do not underestimate the power of choosing the right font for your brand. Sticking to the default option is not the way to go otherwise you will miss out on a great opportunity to make your business stand out in a cluttered marketplace. Your font choice is one of the most obvious elements about your brand. It defines your brand’s personality beyond just the logo to be included in the business name and tagline.

It is crucial to know which typeface would be the most engaging for your target audience because such knowledge could create a huge difference between engaging your customers and losing their attention.

As you select the right font for your brand, you need to decide on the typeface( Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri). You also need to select the font category:

  • Serif fonts
  • Sans Serif fonts
  • Handwriting fonts
  • Script fonts
  • Display fonts

Your font size is also important because it helps you establish hierarchy of your message. The bigger the font, the more attention it will attract. Also your font color has an influence on the level of attention it will attract. Your selection will let your reader know what kind of message you are trying to highlight and to which extent.

How to Choose the Right Golf Instructor?

If you are interested in learning more about Golf and how to better your game, it would be wise to consider hiring a golf instructor. One of your goals should be to locate an instructor who can help you to achieve your goal. Also, do your research before making a decision on who to contact. The following represents some tips on what to think about as you follow this path:

  • Identify what your goal is and what you want to achieve?
  • Location, location, location… Finding someone within a reasonable driving distance is time saving.
  • Figure out a budget and what you can afford.
  • How much time do you have to train? Is it 1 hour daily? Is it 2 hours twice a week?
  • Think compatibility and how you can find someone who has a good fit.
  • What kind of education and experience does your instructor have? Is it enough to push you to the next level?
  • What is your instructor’s playing ability? Does it match your need?

Once your decision is made, make sure that your instructor “practices” what he teaches.  Choosing someone who does will help you avoid pitfalls and reliability issues. Asking questions is very important to help you understand your priorities and have a clarity about what you are looking for.

How Does Packaging Reflect on Your Brand?

ati-4-large2While your brand defines your identity as a company, it is crucial to keep in mind that it also reflects your mission, vision and unique selling proposition. Packaging of your products and promotional giveaways also has a major influence on your business’ image.

It is important to understand that packaging could leave either a positive or negative impression on your target market. While a negative impression will repel your prospect, a positive effect will leave a lasting impression and help you secure a spot and get positioned in your customers’ minds.

Packaging should be perceived as a priceless way to reflect your company’s brand and image. Your packaging is represented through:

  • Your  business cards
  • Your stationary
  • Your promotional giveaways
  • Your employee rewards
  • Your website
  • Your customer management and support system
  • Your communication

Some questions to think about:

  • Is my packaging reflecting the real image of my brand?
  • What does my package say about my company?
  • Am I being consistent across the board with my marketing and branding messages?
  • Does my branding reflect clarity and professionalism?
  • Is my business capturing the attention we need to sustain and expand on our growth?

Customers and prospects will judge your company based on these elements which speak volumes about your image and either support your growth or weaken your brand. What does your branding and packaging say about your business?