How Does Packaging Reflect on Your Brand?

ati-4-large2While your brand defines your identity as a company, it is crucial to keep in mind that it also reflects your mission, vision and unique selling proposition. Packaging of your products and promotional giveaways also has a major influence on your business’ image.

It is important to understand that packaging could leave either a positive or negative impression on your target market. While a negative impression will repel your prospect, a positive effect will leave a lasting impression and help you secure a spot and get positioned in your customers’ minds.

Packaging should be perceived as a priceless way to reflect your company’s brand and image. Your packaging is represented through:

  • Your  business cards
  • Your stationary
  • Your promotional giveaways
  • Your employee rewards
  • Your website
  • Your customer management and support system
  • Your communication

Some questions to think about:

  • Is my packaging reflecting the real image of my brand?
  • What does my package say about my company?
  • Am I being consistent across the board with my marketing and branding messages?
  • Does my branding reflect clarity and professionalism?
  • Is my business capturing the attention we need to sustain and expand on our growth?

Customers and prospects will judge your company based on these elements which speak volumes about your image and either support your growth or weaken your brand. What does your branding and packaging say about your business?