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6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set

6 Ball Custom Printed 1/2 dozen box. INCLUDES Your Logo on the Golf Balls. Available with foam insert shown or with custom sleeves or on certain balls with manufacturer sleeves. The perfect product to conform with IRS gift guidelines. 

Custom logo golf balls make perfect business and employee gifts.

Value Plus

Quantity of Sets6-9697-250251+
Wilson Pure White $10.95$10.25$9.49
Wilson Ultra$12.45$11.65$10.75
 Callaway X2 Hot Optic Yellow 13.25 12.50 $11.75
Nike Mojo$14.49$13.70$12.90
Precept Extreme$14.79$14.20$13.25

Premium Performance

Quantity of Sets6-9697-250251+
Nike NDX Heat$14.90$14.05$13.30
TaylorMade Noodle$15.25$14.50$13.99

Taylormade Distance

Callaway Warbird$15.75$14.75


Nike Crush$15.75$14.75$14.25
TaylorMade Burner$16.95$15.25$14.45
Titleist DT$19.49$19.25$18.49
Titleist Velocity$20.75$19.75$18.75
Titleist NXT Tour$23.25$22.25$21.25

Pro Level

Quantity of Sets6-9697-250251+
Bridgestone B330 $26.30$25.59$24.65
Nike RZN Platinum/Black$26.30$25.59$24.65
Callaway Speed Regime$26.30$25.59$24.65
TaylorMade Tour Preferred$26.30$25.59$24.65
Titleist Pro V1$29.30$28.49$27.49
Titleist Pro V1X$29.30$28.49$27.49


  • 6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set
  • 6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set
  • 6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set
  • 6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set
  • 6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set
  • 6 Logo Golf Ball & Box Set
  • Prices INCLUDE Logo Balls & Custom 1/2 dozen Packaging.
  • Four Color Printing on packaging.
  • 1 or 2 color logo on ball. (Call for multicolor or double logo options)
  • Packaging can have multiple logos, web addresses, phone numbers, product photos. Limited only by your imagination.
  • Any size order available.  Orders less than 30 setup fees apply.
  • Photographs no extra charge.
  • Orders can have a mix of golf ball brands.

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